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Cyborg R.A.T. TE (Tournament Edition) for PC and MAC

BUILT FOR THE NEW GENERATION OF COMPETITIVE GAMING Nimble, customizable, and immensely precise, Mad Catz' Tournament Edition R.A.T. Gaming Mouse provides the speedy mouse movement competitive gamers require.

  •  ELEVATED PRECISION - Making a first-ever appearance in a gaming mouse, an 8200 DPI Laser Doppler sensor automatically detects the gaming surface it's on and then makes game-critical adjustments Full Key Anti-Ghosting with 30-Key Rollover.

  • CLEARED FOR LIFT-OFF - The Tournament Edition R.A.T., capable of lift-off calibration previously unseen in a gaming mouse.

  • IMPLIFIED TARGET TRACKING - Precision Aim mode grants on-the-fly cursor sensitivity adjustment.

  • 27 CUSTOM PATHS TO VICTORY - An intuitive drag-and-drop software interface delivers total control over each of the programmable buttons.

  •  PERSONALIZE YOUR DOTS PER INCH 4  user-definable DPI settings range from 100 to 8200.

  • TENACIOUSLY DURABLE - Courtesy of longer-lasting build materials, this R.A.T. can prevail for five years under extreme duress.

  • FAST AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighing in at a mere 90 grams excluding the cable, the R.A.T.TE is one of the lightest gaming mice currently available.

  •  ERGONOMICALLY UPGRADED - New-style pinkie and thumb rests harmonize with the contours of your digits.





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