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F.R.E.Q. 5 Stereo Gaming Headset
Part# PCAFRE501169

Put the game on your ears with Cyborg’s F.R.E.Q. 5 Stereo Gaming Headset for PC and Mac. With premium-quality 50mm drivers, intuitively placed on-ear controls, and a detachable noise-canceling microphone, the F.R.E.Q. 5 keeps your gaming sessions well-equipped for extended listening comfort.

Powerful Stereo Sound: Housing oversize speakers which pump out robust stereo sound with a wide dynamic range, comfortable, spacious earcups provide clean and clear audio reproduction.(2 options: USB and 3.5mm Jack)

Tough Yet Lightweight Metal Components: The F.R.E.Q. 5 couples comfort with sturdiness to accommodate extended gaming sessions. Lightweight metal components provide ample adjustability to give you a customized fit

Precision-Balanced, Extra Large 50mm Drivers with Neodymium Magnets: Neodymium - - the F.R.E.Q. 5 PC Gaming Headset feeds high-fidelity audio through a pair of amplified 50mm speakers for deep bass and crisp undistorted highs.

Detachable Noise-Canceling Microphone with Illuminated Mute Notification: Problem solved with the Cyborg F.R.E.Q. 5's removable solution, it provides the freedom to use
the mic only when necessary. And when gaming in loud
Environments, advanced noise cancellation stifles
ambient sounds to ensure your conversations are

Easy to Locate On-Ear Controls: Mute the mic, tweak volume
and toggle equalizer settings like Gaming, Music & Chat
(On Ear Controls works only with USB connection)

Compatible with Win 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X (10.6.6 & Higher)
iPhone, HTC, BlackBerry







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