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Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel
Part#XB3WFFBR0735 - XBOX 360

Experience every jolt, bump and shudder with Mad Catz' officially licensed Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox 360. Force feedback makes the wheel come alive as you feel each and every nuance of the road.

Features Include:

        Force Feedback Provides Realistic Resistance- Just like in a real car, the wheel reacts to what is happening on the racetrack and provides resistance when you turn.

        Feel the Game with Vibration Technology

        Upgradeable Firmware via USB- just connect the wheel to your PC to download firmware updates and get up-to-date

        Powerful Wireless Connectivity

        Non-Slip Pedal Set

        Two Mounting Options- attach the wheel to your desk or racing cockpit with the unique clamp mechanism or keep the wheel securely nestled in your lap with detachable leg supports.

        Integrated Xbox LIVE Headset Port

        Interchangeable gear shift- left or right hand driving







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